Copy and paste in Excel

Hi I need to mark a range in Excel, copy it and paste it to another place in Excel. And i need to do it with code from within Navision. I know this can be done by making a macro in excel and then calling it from Navision, but that is not an option here, as i am not the “owner” of the Excel sheet and cannot put in an extra macro. Hope somebody can help! PS: this is the exact code i need to duplicate: Worksheets(“Skema”).Range(Cells(rowCntry - 1, ActiveCell.Column), _ Cells(rowCntryLast, ActiveCell.Column + )).Insert Shift:=xlToRight Worksheets(“Skema”).Range(Cells(rowCntry, ActiveCell.Column + 2), _ Cells(rowCntryLast, ActiveCell.Column + 3)).Copy _ Destination:=Worksheets(“Skema”).Cells(rowCntry, ActiveCell.Column)

Hi please try something like that: //Select your range xlRange.Copy; //Select your new range xlSheet.Paste; Don’t know why the normal ‘Paste’ is not a Range method [xx(]. bye André

Martin, if you feel comfortable with Excel why not to create a separate file (where you are the owner) that will store your macro to go to another file to perform needed tasks? Denis Petrov