copy an offer to an order

Hello, I think i have found a bug. I have a offer, with currency = ‘EUR’ for EURO. Its in the currency table defined and it’s all okay. Now i go into an order and want to copy the offer with head information. Navision give me a bug, like currency filter EUR not fpund, with date = ‘…’ okay, after a long time of searching i found the bug. Navision will have the post date out of the offer → but in a offer you don’t have a post date!!! Okay you have the field, but it’s not interested in the order. Solution: Simple paste the the post date in the offer and fill it with the TODAY value. And now it’s work fine. ------------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert CYCOS AG System Engineer EMail: [url]Ale Edited by - Alex on 2001 Jul 16 09:35:21

Correct. One of those problems I always fix in every customer DB. In a way it’s understandeable as NF is looking in T330 for the correct exchange rate. Solution: Set the “Non Blank” property in T300, Field 2 to NO and insert an exchange rate for date 0D ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian