Converting Text to picture is showing bold on Win 7

Hi Guys,

I’m starting to freak out and i’ve searched everywhere on the web. i made a small c# sharp class and build it as dll to use it inside navision that converts texts to pictures on the POS reciept printer. i’m doing that because i need to print it in arabic. what’s happening is that the font is always showing bold and is not understandable on the reciept. it’s working great on xp, but a nightmare on windows 7. i need my font to be normal and not bold.

Thank you,

Hi Charlotte,

Sounds like a pretty advanced project you have going on there.

But you say that it works fine on Windows XP, but not on Windows 7. So have you considered that it might be the Windows printer driver?

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your reply, i’m using the printer on OPOS not windows driver. i tried getting all the xp’s fonts to windows 7 too but it just doesn’t wanna work. ARGH!!

But is it still exactly the same OPUS driver you’re using (I’m assuming its the exact same physical printer, if not then at least they run the same bios version/factory build version)? And is it supposed to be supported on Windows 7 by the printer manufacturer? I know that not all printers support Windows 7. And you also have to consider an issue connected to the differences in XT being 32 bit and Windows 7 maybe 64-bit? Have seen some reports saying that this can be a problem.