converting string to numeric

do you have any idea to convert string to numeric… I know about INCSTR and I used it … but is there any thing specific to convert string to integer … So I can add to it a number

I think that you can resolve your problem using the EVALUATE function. With that function you can convert your string into integer (for example). EVALUATE(VarInteger, Value); Value is your string VarInteger is your integer variable I hope that could be useful for you. Bye Nives

Yes jouhayna ur only method is to use EVALUATE(varIntger or VarDate or varBoolean,varString) this way u can convert any string value to an integer or date or boolean but for sure first u must be sure that ur string can be converted i mean for example to convert to integer ur string must be a number… Hope what i told u now will help in addition to what nives told u before[8D]

thanks Nives … It is really worked…

thanks mohamad … really i suffered to get it … but like this I will never forget about it