Converting Quotation to Sales Order

I’m desperate!! need your help soon as possible please???.. [:’(]

I’d been suffering working with our NAv. 5.0 since it’s not utilise and no proper training is being given by our IT.

I need help from you guys who are expert on this so i could back up my request to IT and advise them it’s possible. recently i am asking out IT if it’s possible to convert quotation into sales order even if the quantities are insufficient. here is the thread of discussion we had this morning:

Hi ,
You cannot create a sales order from quotation when there is no inventory for the item.


Category : Navision (ERP)
Description :

Error Message: Insufficient Inventory, Cannot Proceed.

Would like to proceed converting quotation to SO even with insufficient inventory in order to reserve the item.

This error message is acceptable in Invoice coz we’re not supposed to post with insufficient qty, but not to quotation when we’re converting it to SO, otherwise we’ll not be able to reserve.

Error Message: Insufficient Inventory, Cannot Proceed

I think it’s customization in your database…

thanks Mohana, so that means it’s possible yeah?

in Standard database it is possible to create Sales Order from Sales even when there is no Inventory…

It will ask for a confirmation to proceed…

I am not sure what customization you have done…

what exctly is the message? is it a error message or confirmation message?

Really appreciate you help Mohana, i’m currently having argument with our IT guy and need back up to support coz I am not really familiar with how and what else this Navision can do.

When I convert the quotation to sales order it shows “Insufficient inventory, cannot proceed.”

so what i do is delete the qty in quotation then transfer it to SO and once it’s in SO i put back the qty again. But the main issue is that when i put qty again “Insufficient inventory, cannot proceed.” appears again.

Its a customization in ypur database…you have to contact IT team or Partner who has developed that…


You can block the customization if you want. But first you must know why the customization is done. According to the client requirement it may be done.

In order to unblock this customization, may be your company is not in support agreement with your partner that can be the reason or unblocking this customization can hinter other customization done in your company DB.

Better you talk with your Functional consultant who can sort it or help you out of this.

This customization is not possible with your user license so only a partner can do it for you.

I hope you will contact your top management persons and pressurize the partner to do it if necessary.[;)]