Converting Quotation to Sales Order

Hi Guys,

I’d been suffering working with our NAv. 5.0 since it’s not utilise and no proper training is being given by our IT.

I need help from you guys who are expert on this so i could back up my request to IT and advise them it’s possible. recently i am asking out IT if it’s possible to convert quotation into sales order even if the quantities are insufficient. here is the thread of discussion we had this morning:

Hi ,
You cannot create a sales order from quotation when there is no inventory for the item.


Category : Navision (ERP)
Description :

Error Message: Insufficient Inventory, Cannot Proceed.

Would like to proceed converting quotation to SO even with insufficient inventory in order to reserve the item.

This error message is acceptable in Invoice coz we’re not supposed to post with insufficient qty, but not to quotation when we’re converting it to SO, otherwise we’ll not be able to reserve.

Hello anyone please help?

Sometimes it helps to post in the right forum. It was posted in the Dynamics CRM forum. Moved to NAV End Users forum.

I have just converted a quote to a sales order where there was insufficient supply.

The fact box displays a negative availability.

It may be that I have adequate lead time to manufacture/purchase adequate stock to fulfill the order so do not have an issue.