Converting numericals to text

Hai All

I have one doubt in conversion of numericals to text .In check printing reports the amount is converting to text(using the numerals2Letter method) .

numerals2Letter = global::numeralsToTxt_IND(schregularDeposits.SCHDepAmount);

so it is showing that amount into text

eg: 11500000 → one lakh fifteen thousand only

Suppose the text have to split into 2 lines when ever the txt is exeeding more than 50 words . So for that also i added these 2 methods (numerals2LetterPart1 and numerals2LetterPart2). but its not wrorking.

can you plz tell me why its happing like that.

Hi ,

No need to write numerals2LetterPart1 and numerals2LetterPart2 .in report design only u increase the with of that particular control.

suppose the text is coming from the numeralsToTxt_IND u can increase the with for that control.


If you want to display the txt in report , set the text control’s dynamicHieght property to YES;

there are no methods for spliting.


you can custiomize the global::numeralsToTxt_IND(), by setting the return text value of the method with highest size, and the variable declared to return the text value to highest size;

Hai All

Thanks a lot for giving the solutions. I got the solution for that issue. i set the dynamic height property as YES. Then its automatically going to next line.i didnt use the numerals2LetterPart1 and numerals2LetterPart12 methods.