Converting MS Word Document into PDF

Is there a tool (preferably free!) out there which can convert Microsoft Word Document into a PDF file ? Edited by - Tarek Demiati on 2001 May 28 08:26:28

Hi Tarek, No free but cheep, try in: * - Look FAQ for useful information (fonts, fixed filenames, …) * * Please, let us know if you find other interesting pdf tools. Edited by - jsoage on 2001 May 28 08:46:43

Depending on how much automation you want to have: The Amyuni PDF printerdriver see( is very suitable for full automated working. Not free, though. Simpler, and much less suited for automation, but much cheaper, is the PDF driver from John

Hi Tarek, look at This is a freeware program called “GSview”. OK, the usage is a bit tricky but it works and it is free. Steps to get a PDF: - install a Postscript Printer on your system - print your document with this printer into a file (i.e. *.prn or *.ps) - open file in GSview - choose file > print - check “print to file”, device = “pdfwrite” - press “print” and enter a filename *.pdf Ready! Sometimes (we don’t know why) the quality of the PDF isn’t that well. When you repeat the procedure the quality is OK. Marc