Converting lis formated files to pc format

Greetings: I am desperately trying to find out the steps needed to be taken in order to take lis files (lis files are highly readable files and appear in a report format - such lis files cannot, as they exist, be manipulated by Excel in any way, they are simply used for management review like a final report version) into pc formated files which could be easily changed into Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Value (CSV) files by simply renaming them by appending the letters CSV in the file name. The ultimate goal is to take the lis file format and somehow transform them into files which can be easily Excel manipulated. I mention CSV format simply as one suggessted format of a file that could be easily changed into Excel format for usability.

Is there any sort of structure to the lis file? Something on each line that could be used to identify its contents. If so, you could write a process in Navision to parse the file and either output to a delimited text or directly to Excel using automation. Do you have a small sample you can post?

I myself am somewhat “old school” (even though I have no idea what old school means). VAX to me is a reminder of simple bullet proof technology, i.e. nothig sepcia, but it works. Unfortunately, these days, VAX is pretty much dead, and clinging to it isnt gong to help much. Of curse I have no idea what you need the LIS file export for, but I am guesssing to link into old VAX data or somethign like that. I think that in this case, you would be better off working with XML files, and then getting a program that would convert between LIS and XML.