Converting EAN13 codes

We are using EAN 13 codes for our products. The strokes will be readed on right way to the bar-code-scanner. Only the first digit of the EAN-Number is wrong. We get a “3” in place of an “8”. I discust the problem with the support who sold us the font and the conversion tool and he told me that after conversion the “8” will become an ‘x’. Example: 8715839017281 will be converted to x(7B5ID9*KLRMSL If we use the dll outside from Attain everything is fine. But if we print this code inside Attain we get the 3 (that will be an “X”) Is there someone with this kind of problems?

Hi! How do you store the converted EAN-Code? If it’s a “CODE”-Field/Variable then “x” becomes “X”! Make sure that you use “Text”-Fields! Regards, Jörg

Its a global and the type is code. Should it work as Text? Yes it works Dankeschön!