Converting customization from Ver 2.5 to Ver 3.0

Hi all, I’m going to convert a customization written in Axapta 2.5 to Axapta 3.0, can someone tell me, how can this be done? I’ve imported the whole customization into my Axapta 3.0 and most of the forms can’t be open. What is the correct way to do it? And what need to be done?

Hi Ken It has been a while since I looked at this - so this answer is off the top of my head. The normal procedure when upgrading an Axapta installation is that the previous version of the Axapta application (i.e. all axXXX.aod files) are copied to the ‘old’ directory. Actually this should happen automatically when you install a service pack or upgrade your installation. So the best approach is probably to replicate your Axapta Application and database and upgrade this version. The upgrade wizard should now start up automatically. The wizard includes the following six steps: 1. Add new license codes. This allows you to modify or add the license codes for your installation 2. Synchronize. Before the synchronization process is executed the wizard executes the ReleaseUpgradePreSynchronize_ class. This ensures that the synchronization can be performed even when index modifications have been made. When this check has been performed the database is synchronized 3. Data upgrade. The wizard upgrades the data by calling the methods in the relevant ReleaseUpgradeDB_ class. For each upgrade (version A to version B) a specific class must exist to handle the necessary modifications to the data. 4. Create Upgrade Project. The wizard creates a project that contains a list of all objects that must be manually upgraded 5. Compile. The entire application is compiled to ensure that all references are correctly updated 6. Finish. This finishes the upgrade process. An internal flag is set that prevents the upgrade wizard from being executed the next time Axapta is executed. The wizard is also available in the Administrator menu (under Setup). Step 4 is probably of special interest for you. It picks out the elements where there are potential conflicts between your customizations and the new elements. There are visual compare tools available (right click in the AOT, Add-ins, compare) to help you. You can use this to update your axXXX.aod file. The compare tool allows you to compare elements in different layers from the application directory and the ‘old’ directory. This can be handy in the daily work if you need to compare elements to the state at a given “milestone”. Hope that this gives you a pointer for where to look