Converting classic sales invoice to RDLC

Can someone guide me through the converison process ? I found these series of posts to convert Transfer Order report to RDLC , but i need to convert the sales invoice and now i’m stuck at the visual studio and dont know how many tables i need to add and how to group/sort them to get the right result

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You can check standard Sales invoice report for Help/reference

I tried to Create Layout suggestion option on the standart sales invoice but that gave really bad result. I’m new to NAV and its hard to understand how to make report for RTC from classic report

You should not click Create Layout Suggestion on standard reports (if it already has layout).

you need to open layout from View–>layout.

Create layout Suggestion will create 10-20% of layout only for document reports and we need modify the layout as we needed.

Creating layout suggestion automatically creates the possible layout for your classic report. In case of analysis report it shows almost the proper values but in case of document reports (as in your case, Invoice), you will have to design your own layout as layout suggestion will provide you absurd result. Refer any reporting document for NAV and you will easily learn to make groups in RDLC reports and it will become very easier to develop layout.


Gaurav Singh

I dont have the RDLC layout for sales invoice thats whay i tried create layout suggestion. when i open the view - layout its empty.

I read the 80146B_NA2009_ENUS_REP course on reports. I understood that data for header section needs to placed in hidden fields in body section and then it only can be shown in the header section. But i dont undestand what to do with body section because of that flattened data

I suggest you to download W1 database and check RDLC layout of document reports in that database.

You can download it under Downloads sections of this forum.

Dunno why my database didnt had rdlc layot for sales invoice. Now i only need to understand the layout.


My suggestion to you is to forget all about “upgrading/converting” using suggest layout. While it works semi-ok for normal reports, then creating document reports (invoices, orders etc.) is something entirely different which only is possible using kind of work-arounds in RDLC.

Instead start with the standard unmodified invoice report (206) and then incorporate your changes.


Creating layout suggestion for document report is always messing up the things and could not provide the required result because in classic report we have adjusted lot of things as per client which may not suitable for RDLC report layout.

It is always better to start fresh report designing in RDLC specially for document report where lot of data items are used.

Of course initially it will take lot of hours to design that report but it will give you the exact ideas of report design in RDLC report.

(For me it took almost 40-50 hours for designing sales invoice report initially [:D])