Convert String to Dec/Int

I swear I did a bunch of searches and got no results on this subject, which strikes me as odd… [B)] At any rate, I hope I don’t sound like too much of a noob when I ask this: How can I take a string that contains all numeric characters and convert it to a decimal or integer value. Integer would be preferable in this case. Thanks in advance.

Hi, what about: EVALUATE(VarInt,VarString) br Josef Metz

I believe EVALUATE gives a boolean return. But…I suppose I could do: IntVar := -1; X := 0; REPEAT IF EVALUATE(X,String) THEN IntVar := X; X += 1; UNTIL IntVar <> -1; Or something like that. This does seem a little nutty. But desperate times call for desperate measures… Any other suggestions out there?

Use evaluate(varint,varstring); evaluate assigns varstring to varint if it can and returns true else it returns false if you think some varstrings might not evaluate use if not evaluate(varint,varstring) then handle the error

D’Oh! I get it now! [:D]