Convert from Prospect to Customer need to bring over custom field.


I am working on a customization that is to bring over a custom field located in the smmBusRelTable to the CustTable record that it creates when using the SmmBusRelListPageConver2Cust.xpp

I am using a extension on the class to attempt the field pull. Currently attempting a Chain of Command on the main method to see if the conversion is successful then it will use a while select forupdate to write the field in the new customer record that is set in the prospect record.

The field is located in both tables through extensions. During our user testing we found that the Customer created this way is not pulling that field over from the Prospect and we need it to.

Thanks in advance

Had to use Chain of Command to make the field come over properly.

Made a class Extension of the smmBusRelTable and adjusted the "protected CustTable initCustomerFromBusinessRelation(smmBusRelTable _smmBusRelTable, CustAccount _custAccount) method.

Added my custom fields in that method and worked perfectly.