Convert from NAV 4.0 SP1 to NAV 4.0 SP3

2311.untitled.bmp (959 KB)hi

i have a NAV 4.0 SP1 database, how is the best way to convert it to NAV 4.0 SP3

There are 2 ways to do it

  1. Executable update…(Just press ok to above statement)

2)Objects and Functionality Upgradation (which you need to contact Partner/Senior in your office)

if i press OK, this will damage my data??


Hi, and make a backup first just to be safe!

Well, but you will not able to open the DB with 4.0 SP1 again.

what the advantage and the disadvantage when using this feature (Converting the database) ??

i want to know if this affect to my data?

This feature will convert only Excutable and this will not affect your data

But If you do this you will not able to open the database in previous version you have i.e 4.0 Sp1

Better Solution to upgrade :-

Object & Functionality up gradation using Developer Tool Kit.