Convert Forms to pages in range of 33000004 To 33001114


I Want to Transform Forms to Pages in 2009R2. I done that for forms except the Form ID 33000004 To 33001114.

I am new user in Navision. So I explain the steps I do for Transformation. If there is any Suggestion then please suggest :

  1. Export the all the forms to Transformation Tool Folder in XML Format (Name as Forms.XML).

  2. Then Used Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Tools.FormTransformation.Exe to Convert Forms to Pages.

  3. Then Import the Pages.

  4. Error for some Pages. So, for Solution I removed that Pages and Import it again.

But Now, As per Users Requirement I must be add the Pages which are in the range of Form Id 33000004 To 33001114.

When I import that Pages It showing me Error:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic
You do not have permission to create the ‘Pay Branch Policy’ Page.

Contact your system administrator to have your permissions changed.


Kindly suggest solution for that .

those ID’s are in Add-on ranges.

You have to contact the Add-on partner to upgrade them to RTC.

The above mentioned object series does not have access to create in your license.

Hi Mohana,

As per I say,I am new in navision. So it is Possible you explain me in brief.



Your License file is not allowed to create Objects in range 33000004 To 33001114.

Those objects are created by some other Partner and they only can create them so please contact the partner who has developed those objects.

Thanks for your Suggestions and Quick Reply.