Convert 4.01 to Nav2009

Hi everybody,

I tried to Convert Nav 4.01 to Nav2009.

The technical Details:

Old: Nav 4.01, SQL Server 2000

New: Nav2009, SQL Server 2008 R2


1.Backup of the database (SQL Server 2000)

  1. Restore the databse (SQL Server 2008)

  2. Create the login for 2 administrator User in SQL Server 2008, which exist already in the Navision database. One hase the name XYZ.

  3. Check the Navision User Database. Delete those User, who have no Login für SQL Server 2008.

  4. Start the restored Database with a Nav2009 Client. → Start the conversion

At the end of the Conversion I got the failure, seen in this Picture.


The User seems to exist.

I have already tried the following steps given by Microsoft:

But I think this failure is created by Navision. In my opinion Navision trys to CREATE a User XYZ which is already created in the Database.

  1. Failed Solution

I tried to Delete the Security Login for the navision Database für User XYZ.

XYZ is Administrator and already can read the tables.

After the conversion I got the same failure.

My you please help me to solve this Problem.



Open NAV 2009 Classic Client for SQL with the admin Login you have provided. Check the ROLES for the user.

Make sure you create Windows Authentication Login and provide him appropriate rights, preferably SUPER user Rights just to test.