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Hi All,

I hope I am not repeating a question to the forum but here goes my question… Apprently when the accounting system was migrated from Sage to Navision, all names and addresses were in caps, which looks horrible on reports, letters etc. Is there anyway apart from manually retyping the address in both customers and suppliers cards?

Ideal lower case with the first letter being upper would be brilliant

Your help and or direction is always appreciated as usual


There is no automatically function to do this. But you need to contact a developer, who can create a batch job to do this for you.

It’s fairly easy to write a function to do it, but you have to look out for “special” words. Like names that are III, or IV. Companies like IBM. You know, things where the whole thing should be capitalized and not just the first letter.

Hi Ricardo,

if you run your data by Excel first you can use the PROPER function, it will convert you data into title case. Also in NAV you can activate the Title property on text boxes - it will make sure your data has correct title case when users input data.

Again, with the exceptions that Matt already mentioned. But it will definitely bring you pretty close to what you want to achieve.

How about these suggestions;