I am fresher let me say sorry in advance if I ask u very simple question…
I am working on Conversion where database is converting from Nav4.0SP3 to NAV 2009…I am working on Merget Tool…I have exported the NAV4.0 Base object file and NAV4.0 Customized file when I am importing the NAV4.0 Base file in Merge Tool I am getting an error which says…
“The Application Objects already Exists.
Identification Fields and Value
Version=MERGETOOLPM112’,Object Type=‘Table’, Object Number=‘2000000002’”
If anybody knws please let me knw.
How should I go further with merge tool.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Arnav,

Doing an upgrade is a specialised process. If you are a fresher then you should not be asked to do this (the problem is with your employer not you) as upgrades can go horribly wrong. I suggest you ask an experienced member of your team to help.

any idea why I am getting the above error…[8-)]

Yes, the table is already on the database for that version - if you have problems solving this, how do you expect to do a full upgrade?

Again, please get an experienced person to help for - for the customer’s sake.

Why are you not using the standard Upgrade Toolkit?

Thanks Dave[:)]. I’ll appreciate your suggestion.