conversion to 4.0 from 2.6

Can anyone share there experience of converting from version 2.6 to 4.0? My main concern is Advanced Distribution which is a 3rd party add on with 2.6. Also, what was most difficult in your conversion and waht was the cost to convert?

Converting V2.6 AD to any subsequent version is challenging. BTW: AD was an official Navision product, although primarily developed by Lanham and Associates under contract to Navision. The upgrade of V2.6 to V4.0 is a multi-step process with a number of challenges. The specific challenges you will encounter depend on what features are in use at your site and what modifications have been made. Some areas of concern are costing, serial and lot numbering, use of bins and locations, Dimensions, Payroll. There are others as well. If your installation is minimally modified, good project management and careful testing can get you through. If your installation is significantly modified, you should obtain assistance from someone who has been through the V2.6 AD upgrade before. It’s a little like having surgery, you’re better off with an experienced surgeon than with someone for whom it’s the first time. The commercial: Our firm, Liberty Grove Software, specializes in doing upgrades on a fixed price outsource basis. If you would like more information please contact me at or visit our web site We recently presented a workshop (under MBS sponsership) for Partners on upgrading in Chicago. That seminar will be repeated 12/1/04 at the MBS offices in Duluth, GA, US. You may request the Powerpoint from that seminar from However you choose to proceed, best of luck!

I have a 40 G/Byte 2.60 system with lots of mods to upgrade to 4.0. i’m a little concerned with the potential time it will take. once you have a process that upgrades your database reliably. Given we’re running on fairly powerful servers anyone got any ideas on how long it might actually take. we’re a 6 day a week business open from 7:00 to 22:30. I heard people talk about disabling the keys and various other options. any advice/ideas appreciated. thanks

Hi, It took us 3 days to upgrade 110 GB database. Most of the time was spent waiting for tables and indexes to be rebuilt. It was 2 processors, 2 GB of memory, 8 HDs, SQL Server implementation.

If timing is critical to production, then you should consider setting up a special hardware configuration to minimize the processing time. High speed disks, database split across drives, multiple I/O channels (controllers), lots of memory, maximized cache size. Test it first and test it until you are assured of your processing time. The cost of having a production operation held up far exceeds the cost of preparation and setup for a good data conversion.

Navision 4.0 upgrade toolkit is out already??

Yes, it’s available to Partners for downloading now and will be out on CD in December.

Does anyone know whether this applies to GB? and where would i download it…Partnerguide - Partnersource? The Upgtk folder is no longer on the standard Navision CD is it? cheers

I am currently working on this conversion of Navision 2.60B Advanced Distribution to Navision 4.0. The path I am taking is to first upgrade to 3.60A using the upgrade toolkit v1.02. Then upgrade to Navision 4.00. This path was mentioned by MBS. The upgrade toolkit for Navision 4.00 cannot be used as the source database of Advanced Distribution is not considered. This is the same with the 3.70A upgrade toolkit. That is why it is a two stage upgrade. Hope this helps. Regards, Ashok.

Any news yet on whether the GB toolkit is available and if so, where is it?

You will be pleased to know that the GB toolkit has been released today and is on PartnerGuide!

Excellent! What and where is Partnerguide?

You will need a Log in and download privlages too. PartnerGuide has all hotfixs/Service packs and documentation released by MBS. - GlobalSystem - Product Download is where you need to go. Does anyone have any more info on upgrading a GB 2.60 databse to V4 in connecting with upgrading to 3.60/3.70 first. The W1 offers a path straight from 2.60 it seems as though the localised changes made by GB only apply to upgrades from 3.60/3.70. Does this mean that you have no choice but to upgrade to one of these version first? I presume you have to do this so that the VAT issues get dealt with etc?

Still no news on this? Is this official upgrade path for GB 2.60 > 3.xx then 3.xx > 4.00 ??

I also have to do an upgrade from 2.60 Advanced distribution (NAD) to 4.0 (BE version) According the 4.0 upgrade manual I have to go 3.60A first. Why not 2.60 to 3.70B and then to 4.0. When I look at the contents of the 3.70 CD(BE local.) there is also an upgrade path (including a fob “Upg_NAD_WMS.fob” directly to 3.70B I expect that this 3.70 upgrade version is more complete and ‘more bug-free’ then the 3.60 version… Please advice, Thankx

If you are planning on using the Navision Upgrade Toolkits, the last one supplied takes you only to V3.6. Then you must use the V3.6 to V4.0 Upgrade Toolkit. To do otherwise, you must create your own toolkit. Our firm specializes in upgrades and is in the process of creating such a toolkit (V2.6AD to V4.0). It’s a significant development effort, not to be approached unless you plan on using it multiple times (as we plan on doing).