Conversion from Exact Dos to Navision Attain

Hi, im still looking for the best ERP software for our company. Currently we are using Exact for Dos. Navision seems the best option for us. On this moment we have a demo running. How can we convert the Exact Dos database into Navision? Are there any tools for this? How about export the data to MsAccess, and convert it using SQL through a C/ODBC connection? We already expirimented with ODBC, seems working fine. The problem we ran into is finding out the table structure in Navision.

You can use dataports to convert data into Navision, we have done that several times

We’ve done a conversion between exact for windows and Navision. Important data was transferred (customers, vendors, items, etc. but no mutations. We used the exports in Exact and dataports in Navision.

Can anyone tell me how it is done using dataports? In the demo version we can not expiriment with it.

Contact a NSC, they can develop in navision.

A dataport is used to import / export data from CSV / ASCII files. You can define the structure of the file which will be imported, which is the order of the collumns in the CSV file or the ASCII file. Thereafter you (your NSC) can add code to manipulate the data. I would strongly suggest to let your NSC do this, especially when importing history like opening balances etc. If you have a demo version you probably already have contact with an NSC. If not, feel free to contact Microsoft Business Solution. ( They will provide the name of a partner that has the most suitable solution for your business.

Thanks, that is the answer i was hoping for. We already have contact with an NSC, but we are still considering what sofware is the best for us. The short list is: Navision Attain, Exact Globe 2003, Ridder R8 (developed intern).

That totally depends on what you are looking for. Be aware that if you choose for Exact 2003, you will be one of the pilots. Check some userforums of Exact to read some postings about being in a pilot of exact… Can’t say anything about Ridder. Strong points of Navision are of course the flexibility and the partner solutions for specific branches… I would strongly suggest not to look at the initial implementation price, but the Total Cost of Ownership in for example 3 years. For example, when choosing for Navision you can modify your reports yourself. When doing this, you won’t need a consultant to do this which saves you a lot of money! Rest of the advantages are probably already explained by the NSC you have contact with.

I worked as a consultant with Exact in Delft and now for 4 years with Navision. Check user forums about Exact experiences and then make the right choice. As to conversion mostly you only convert master data, opening balance and stock. Take this opportunity to clean up your master data! There are tools available to convert exact-dos data to csv-format. Other options to export data is to use E-Port or E-Report. Don’t try and convert the complete database! Contact me if you need further help