If you would like to meet people from Cimbax I now have a list of those from Cimbax and who will be available, as well as some thoughts on what may be interesting to discuss.Chris Merchant - Resource Manager - available to discuss ways to increase your bench for for free and how to guarantee an increase in your profitability on projects won through Cimbax’s unique project factoring. Matt Cull - Consulting Director - available to discuss ways to turn failing projects into profitable projects and find out how to increase revenue from your existing clients. Jimmi Jakobsen - R & D Director - available to discuss how Cimbax’s suite of products can increase your chances to win a new deal and share our experiences of how to develop your own products and add ons. Steve Parry - MD - available to discuss how to gain a faster time to cash positive from BI through Cimbax’s unique Accelerated BI system and find out why BI is important to Microsoft in 2009

Please let us know who and when you would like to meet us.