Convergence 2006 Munich Dynamics Users meeting

Hi all,

I am will be at Convergence 2006 in Munich this year, on the “ask the experts” booths.

I would be very interested to meet other dynamics users members. If you are planning to attend this confernece, please post here. If its just a few people, then we can just meet up, but if we have enough we can maybe organize something more substantial.

PS I am also attending Tech Ed IT forums, but I gather that not many Dynamics people are planning to be there.

I’ll be there! Looking forward to meeting you [:D]

I’ll be your colleague at the booth so we’ll finaly meet then [Y]

I will be there too… and I am looking forward it… :slight_smile:

So what’s the current count? 6? maybe a dinner would be a good idea.

I am going to be there a day early,a nd stay an extra day before going to Barcelona, so I should have plenty of time. Of course we will catch up at the event, but it would be nice to also have a less formal meeting.

I’m sorry, but I would not be available in the evening, after the “official” event …

Since its only a handfull of us, I expect we will just work something out when we get there.

That is the best idea, because most of the time the evenings get occupied real soon.

At teched most of the time I had to choose between events about what to do in the evening.

Hi David,

Will be there too. See ya!

HI Michiel, I look forward to meeting you.

I will be there too, will come say hi at the ask the Experts stand [:D]

As you may have read on mibuso, I’ll be there as well.

Yes, looks like there will be a few of us, which is great.