Convergence 2004


“Convergence 2004 (March 21–24, Orlando, Florida, USA) is an opportunity for Microsoft Business Solution customers to connect with peers, partners, Microsoft team members, and industry experts for unparallelled learning.”

This is how Microsoft writes on their homepage. But are anyone really coming here or will it be as dull as the world wide partner conference in 2003? Has time outpased the global world wide and mostly wide spanding (product wise) conferences? I would hope not. As a spokesperson for global user interactions I would like to see this conference be “the one”. But with the location in the US (and with Great Plains old conference name) I would fear it to be concentrating around the former Great Plains products, just as the partner conference and for that matter the MBS Tech 2003 conference.

It also says you get a chance to meet Bill Gates, love him or hate him, I think most would like to meet him. My read on the conference is that it will be less product focused (i.e. Great Plains), but more technology focused, (i.e. MBF) in fact my read is that this will be what most of the tech2003 attendees were expecting last year. At least what I was expecting. I think it will be more beneficial than tech 2003 though. but having been to tech 2003, there is not enough incremental value on offer to justify the time. I think that it will be good forthise of you that are under this misguided conception of selling green next year to your navision clients. At tech 2003, the only thing I really liked was the honesty, there were no excuses or coverups, just “this is how it is”. In our industry, I found that a breath of fresh air. Warning. After xx years of trade shows, I liked the idea of being able to take my wife. Its the first time I remember a trade show that specifically recommended you bringing a spouse. Please don’t, there is nothing there at all for those outside the industry.

Maybe they know that having your spouse with you will be more entertaining than the conference?

My understanding, was that spouses would be able to attend some of the sessions, but this was not the case. Just the rather appauling buffet dinner and the ntroduction meeting. I had felt it would be good for partners to see what was new in this business, but it didn’t happen. If you do want to take a partner, then you need to buy a full pass.

I have heard, from several US/Canadian Solution Providers that this year’s event will have an emphasis on Axapta and Navision Attain. I for one am tired of seeing Great Plains name plastered on so much on the Microsoft Solutions web site.

Hans, Do you have any more on this?

Having reviewed the Convergence content on the Microsoft Site, I believe there will be some good technical sessions on Navision: Application Server, Commerce Gateway, SQL Server Optimization, Tips and Tricks, etc. I plan on attending

Where did it say that Bill will be there?

Eric and David are you attending? I am going. Steve


Me neither. Not enough Navision stuff to go there for…