Controlling Tab Order

Hello everybody, Is it possible in Navision to control the tab-order in forms, not with the ‘NextControl’ property, because it has to depend on the value the customer enters into a field. e.g. When the user leaves field ‘a’, then the value has to be checked. If the value is 1 then the focus has to be changed to field ‘x’. If the value is 2 then the focus has to be changed to field ‘y’. If the value is 3 then the focus has to be changed to field ‘z’. This is to speed up the input of some forms, because it is not always necessary to go through all the controls on a form. When a person has to input a lot, it can also result in a lot of waste of time to go through al the unnecessary fields. Thanks in advance.

In the OnAfterValidate trigger for field ‘a’ you can check the value of the field and activate another field based upon this value. CASE A of 1 : CurrForm.X.ACTIVATE; 2 : CurrForm.Y.ACTIVATE; 3 : CurrForm.Z.ACTIVATE; END;

Thanks for your reply, but I’ve tried that already and the focus is changing to the next control in the taborder. Like this: If the taborder is a-b-c and you activate b in the OnAfterValidate of a then Navision positions your cursor in field c. The only solution I’ve found till now is to make another field (call it ‘d’) and put that behind the field ‘a’ and make it not editable. Then set the NextControl-property of ‘d’ to ‘b’ and in the OnAfterValidate of field ‘a’ activate the field ‘d’, then the cursor is going to be in field ‘b’. But that’s not a nice way of programming of course.

Did you find another solution to your problem ? I have the same problem

Anyone have a better way of solving this … yet? In other words, has anyone figured out how to: 1) ACTIVATE a field ona form by calling the field, not the control previous to it? 2) How to place the cursor at the beginning of the field after calling ACTIVATE, rather than having the current field data all selected? Thanks, john.