Controlling Focus on F keys

We are using a function we created on the sales line table that is initiated using the F8 key from the Function Button on the sales header. When the user hits the F8 key the function runs updating the sales line but the focus jumps to the Navision File Menu. Is there a method to keep the focus on the sales line? Thanks

BTW… F8 on standard navision Attain is being reserved for Copy Previous (under Edit on the main menu)… has anyone seen using it anytime?? :slight_smile: Is only doing as follows: on a menu button, create an option for your F8 thing, and on the code do something similar to this: OnPush() MyCodeForInitiate(); CurrForm.UPDATE; CurrForm.SalesLines.ACTIVATE; Regards

My mistake we are using the F10 key. The code currform.update currform.salesline.activate Still sends the focus to the File option on the main menu. Very strange

Weird vision. for some reason in version 2.6 if you hit the F10 key from any screen it activates the File menu. No other F key behaves like this ???

The function of F10 is Microsoft-Standard, try it in Word, Excel…