Controling scanner from Navision

Hi everybody. I am making a module that enables scanning of Purchasing Invoice into NF. Have any of you manage to control a scanner from Navision? I have installed a scanner from HP and I find a OCX file I can access from Navision but I dont know how to initiate a scan, give a filename for save as etc. Thanks in advance Gudmundur Petursson Developer

I’m surprised that you can access this OCX as you need a developer license from HP to include an OCX into a Navision C/SIDE object, successfully compile and run. However, if HP is friendly enough to grant developer-access to their OCX they also might have been clever enough to provide developers with the appropriate documentation. Tip: search for a help-file with extension .hlp or .chm and the name of the OCX. It will contain a description of the object model, properties and methods. good luck! Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872

Last week I has got a cool CD from OctoCon (was sent to all NSC) and there was note about scaner .ocx availabele on next edition.