Control of temp files generated from Navision

This issue is related to running NF 2.60B via Metaframe Why is it that I have problems when wanting to direct the temp files from Navision to a certain folder on my Metaframe server. The shortcut looks like this, note that we use remapning i.e u=c v=d u:\xxx.fin.exe servername=xxx,temppath=v:\temp,nettype=tcp,id=xxxxx I have edited the systemvariable to point temp to v:\temp but is does not work. What happens is that it places the temp files in the root of drive v: but not in the folder specified. userrights etc. etc. are OK. It only works when directing the files on the systemroot. Any help greatly appriciated

Try a backslash also after the foldername in the temppath. Like this: v:\temp\ //Lars

Starwar: create the shortcuts using the environment variables, such as %USERNAME%. Also, did you install Navision using Control Panel/Add-Remove programs, or just running the setup? Alex

Under Metaframe, i create a folder (access Everyone - Total control) on the metaframe server for the tempFile, because each session create it’s own temp folder. and on the command line : temppath=n:\temp260\ I also used the %username%, but to name the Zup file ID=w:\finsiege%username% where w: is network drive on another server. This command line permit to keep the same Zup file, even if you work on balanced server. Best regards,