Control input for EVERY Navision field

We run Navision 3.01B (SQL database). I’m wondering if anyone knows a method of providing a button on ALL forms, behind which we can put CAL code, without having to alter every form individually? Thanks, Andy

Well, it is definitely not something that the developing environment comes prepared to do. One (crazy) way to work around it would be to export all Forms to a Text File and run some sort of text-parser to include this button on the right places. This requires extreme care or you will easily end up with a corrupt object file that does nothing at all. Another way is to “misuse” one of the System utilities provided by Navision. For example, you could change what action is performed when someone clicks Tools->Language or Tools->Debugger->Code Coverage. On Codeunit 1, you can change the standard behaviour of these menu items into something that is always available throughout the whole application. Just some thoughts… why do you need it, may I ask?

Nelson, We are trying to get Navision to run in Chinese (PRC) as well as English, and at the moment, there are a few Chinese characters which can be stored in the SQL database (copy & paste from NotePad proves this), but cannot be input in Navision - echoes a rubbish character. I know this can be solved by altering the collation sequence of the database, but I’m not sure if I want to do this yet. I was just thinking of alternate ideas - maybe when someone wants one of these characters, we could place it into a field in SQL by using code rather than the user typing it in. Thanks - we could possibly use the Tools - Debugger type of idea, if we don’t find any other way. Andy

OK, I understand. But then the Tools System menus are not really helpful because they are not Form-dependent. You wouldn’t know inside Codeunit 1 where the User is and on what field to store the special character.

Hi Andy, If the character in question is used only in textfields, then, maybe, the function MakeText in CU 1 can be used. This function is called whenever the user leaves a textfield (a scan for standardtexts is performed).

Hi, in version 3.60 you have the functionailty with Change Log. Here you should be able to handle all types of input in each field in Navision, but of course you need to upgrade to 3.60 (or preferably 3.70 which are the latest version) in order to make it work. Regards Daniel

Steffen, Thanks for the idea of using MakeText in CU1 - it does work. But now that we know that there may be hundreds of Chinese characters that we would need to convert, I think we will end up with changing the collation sequence of the database! Ta, Andy

I went down (crazy) export-to-textfile route to add a button to all forms. Having written code in no other language for years, I used Navision to add the button to the textfile [:0]. I was extremely careful and it did work and didn’t take too much time either. [:)] Stefan

I can’t say for sure, but I think Dale Lanham sells a tool that will do this.