Control credit limit for chains

Is there a possibility to control the credit limit for chains. Many different customers may be part of a chain, but there should be only one credit limit for the chain. As soon as the total outstanding orders of all the companies belonging to the chain is exceeded, the warning should come up. I was told there my be a granule “chain”[?] Anybody had a similar situation?

Hi Markus, The credit limit works against the bill to customer on the invoice tab. Thus you can have customers x1, x2, x3 with bill to customer = chainx. The credit control will be against the credit set on chain X. On the invoice the customer is Chain X, and the deliver to would be x1 etc. Not a solution with a great deal of flexibility I’m afraid. Regards Navicons

Hi Navicons, thanks a lot for your reply. That helps me for now. Markus

You can always modify the credit check function but you’ll need to indicate in a way what customers belong to the chain and what’s the chain’s credit limit (if you don’t want to create a customer for the chain itself for billing-to). The easy way is as Navicons told you creating the customer for the chain with a credit limit and then setting the bill-to customer no. on the customers belonging to that chain as the customer created for the chain.