Contra a Sales Invoice against a Purchase Invoice

I dont know if this is possible but can any one help. The company has purchased a new company car for 20,000 but traded in another car for 3,000 so they need to raise an invoice in Sales to the garage to clear the 3,000, they then want to contra this against the posting of the balance cheque of 17,000 and their purchase Invoice. Is it possible to do this and if so can someone please explain how. Thanks

In the example you described you have to settle a customer account versus a vendor account. In standard NAv you need to post two lines to the General Journal: * Vendor to Interrim Account * Interrim Account to customer both with the same value. After that (or while that) you can settle the two postings on the vendor account and issue a cheque for the difference. Another way would be to post the “Sale” as a “Purchase Credit Note” instead. Then everything is on the Vendor already and can be settled as usual.

Hi Thomas thanks again for the help. When you say ‘Interim Account’ are we talking COGS Account (Interim) or any Account that could be used as an interim account?

Just any account. Navision cannot directly post customer account with a balancing vendor account. Of couse you could also create a split posting like: Type, No.,Amount Cust C1000 3000 Vend V1000 -3000

Thats great, thanks again Thomas, really appreciated, I will tell the Accounts Dept. Paul