Contoso Data Restoration failed

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I have problem regarding the restoration of Contoso Data in Dynamics AX 2012 R3… please see details below:

Please help me to solve this issue …

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Hi Robert,

I encountered the same problem with R3. Can anyone help us with this? It would be much appreciated.



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Here’s additional Info regarding the Restoration error:

Please help us on this matter!.

2451.dp Import Failed.JPG

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The error says that server DAXTGP isn’t accessible. Review your parameters and try to connect to the DB server from another tool.

Hi Martin,

I run the command prompt on the same server DAXTGP, how come the server is not accessible?. Also the user I used to run the command is System Admin, Domain Controller & Admin, Database Owner.

Another problems is when i Run the Command … the DP.exe stopped working…

Please help us to resolved this issue.

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