Continia training for 3-way matching

We just went live with SaaS BC and also have Continia for our 3-way match processing. We’ve had training with our partner, but they really don’t know the software and so that was a waste. We’ve also used videos from YouTube, but you can’t ask questions there. Continia doesn’t seem to offer any direct contact; some ISV’s will talk to clients, but they won’t from what I can find. Does anyone have any suggestions on alternatives to interactive Continia training?

We utilized Liberty Grove for a recent Continia implementation. The project went well and stayed within budget. You should confirm with your BC partner that they are okay utilizing other BC partners for this type of work.

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Ben Baxter

Thank you so much!! I was planning on doing this research first, then talking to our partner. I really appreciate the response on this.


Here is a contact that worked for Continia and you can sub-contract them for training and support:

Sherry Linares - SL Dynamic Global Solutions

Hope this helps.

Thank you for this reference!