Container and unbounded string (text) fields are not allowed in a WHERE expression.

Is there any way to “bound” a string in a where expression? DocuRef.Notes is unbounded so it errors. Here is the code:

while select forupdate docuRef

where docuRef.RefTableId == TableNum(SalesTable) &&

docuRef.Name == ‘Order Notes’ &&

docuRef.TypeId == ‘Note’ &&

docuRef.Notes like “SearchString” // ERROR HERE


docuRef.TypeId = ‘NewType’;



You cannot use the Memo fields in the where expression…

You should find an alternative to achieve the above - like removing it from where expression and using an if condition.


That’s what I thought I might have to do, but I wasn’t sure. 100,000+ records, so it will be slow, but it’s a one time update so we will just roll with it. Thanks for the help!

Thank you gentlemen.