Contact search doesnt work

Contact search in Relationship Management simply does not work, nor does it give any error message. Any ideas why or where to look for the problem?

Aha, automation components in codeunit SearchManagement, used in SearchManagement.ProcessQuery(…) are registered. Their versions are: CSearch ‘Navision Contact Search 1.0’.ContactSearch BlurrySearch ‘Navision Contact Search 1.0’.BlurrySearch

Are you still having problems? Is the SearchIndexMode set to Auto in RMSetup? Are there any records in table 5117 and 5118?

Right, guess i have to RTFM more. One thing is still abit strange, whatever i write, it finds strange records, like it’s searching combinations of all the letters i type in search string. Maybe i’ll find the answer in end-user manual.

That “strange” behaviour is caused by the Fuzzy Logic used in Contact Search (Navision calls it Blurry Keys). Check the “Exact Match” option to bypass the Fuzzy Logic functionality. I seem to rememeber one member being very knowledgeable about the Fuzzy Logic topic. Try searching the forum if you are curious on the subject.

Hi try this thread