Contact information in Ax 2012

Hi all,

I have got a bit confusing about the contact information in Ax 2012. For vendors and customers I can create contact information in the tab contact in the customers and vendors forms.

But I also can create contacts as entities itself in the contactperson table throught the button Contacts in the vendor and customer form. In this case I can create several contacts per vendor, with their own contact info data and which are on the global address book and could be used or other customers, vendors or whatever.

Where is your way to work with the contact information for customers and vendors. Do you write the information on both places or only in one of them. It is quite easy to get confused and introduce redundant information I think.


You can choose, but for me the one on the vendor/customer card is the main informaiton, the main business switchboard, the main business fax, the contact details of the person are the specific details for that person, a direct line as well as a personal fax etc.

I am having the same confusion regarding what the design purpose was for contacts on the customer record tab vs contacts table. Do you have any further information you can share?


Customer record is “contact” information for the business - you can also have a “default” contact, whilst the contacts listed shows all contacts you can have with different phone numbers etc and enables marketing to target.