Contact email addresses on Invoices and Remittance advices


I would like to have different email addresses on Invoices and statements so that accounts payable and accounts receivable went to different users.

Are we able to amend the standard document for say Invoices?, and I could then use the same logic to amend the other set documents such as remittance advices,

Regards, Jon.

You may want to take a look at the Format Address codeunit. You can customize this (if it does not do so already) to include email addresses as part of the address array that it returns. There is a function for just about every type of document so you could have different functions pull different addresses.

Thanks a million Max,

I shall try your suggestion as soon as I dig myself out from under the usual Monday morning pile,

much appreciated and looks to be perfect for my needs,

regards, Jon.

Hi again Matt, apologies for muddling your first and last names, I was so excited about your solution I forgot my manners[:)]

I shall also be purchasing your book as it looks exactly what I am searching for in adding value to my position here as NAV support analyst.

Regards again Jon.

Happens all the time. No worries. I hope you enjoy the book and that you find some useful examples in it. Good luck.