Contact by default has the numbering series of Customer?

For some reason the default numbering series for contact is the customer number series rather than the contact numbering series. The only way I can get it to be the Contact Numbering Series is by linking the Contact Numbering Series to the Customer Number Series with a Number Series Relationship. Trying to clear Customer Number Series from the selection deletes the number series from Nav altogether. Any ideas?


Are your going to create Customer from Contact ??

Customer no will generate on the basis of customer no series defined in Setup and you can not delete it.

Contacts are going to be used for vendors and down the line customers.

Surely the contact numbering series makes more sense as the customer numbering series is for customers and not contacts.

If you are going to create customer from contact only then Create Customer no series same as Contact no series and attach in Setup for customer.So Your contact no and customer no will be same.

its not just for customers

I think you want to change the standard structure of System.If yes then you need to customize the same according to your requirement.