Consumption posting error

I am trying to post consumption (Consumption Journal) and I am getting the following error message “Item xxx is not on inventory”. When I try to post the same quantity using the Inventory Journal, I do not get any errors. According to the item card the quantity is available. We do not use locations. Navision 2.01B.

Hi The logic of the item journal and consumption jhournal are different - the item journal will remove stock you do not have if you tell it to , the consumption journal will not let you consume stock you do not have. Does the consumption journal have any location specified? (I know you said you do not use them), additionally from the production order select components and check the location here. Go to the item card and verify the the inventory and projected available inventory in the item availability by location record. The system thinks you do not have any, so somehting must be up!

Take a look at the flushing method on the items in your bill of materials. If the flushing method if forward, and you don’t have a routing link code, then the program records consumption all at once. i.e. if A = 1B & 1C where C is forward flushing. If you have a production order for 50A, then record production of 1A, the production order will have ledger entries of 1B and 50C. I.e. so it will expect 50 C in stock, before it will post the journal. Take a look at the production manual chapter 7 to check out flushing methods. As Steven says, ‘the system thinks you don’t have any’

I checked everything but I am still getting the error message.

Run a physical Inventory Journal for the item - what does it tell you?

Do you have any reservation entries. If the Components are linked to any Reservation entries that are still in the Planning. This can be an error.

I concur on the Reservation Entries. Get ride of all reservation entries associated with this Item, in the Table. Then try to Post. It should resolve your problem.