Consumption Linked to Output

Using 3.6. Automatic and Expected Costing in operation, BOM’s and sub-assemblies used. I have a number of Items where the “Completely Invoiced” field is not ticked. The majority of these belong to the Entry Type “Consumption” and “Output”.Consumption shows a minus quantity and Output a positive, so you would think that the trnsaction has been completed/linked and the “Completely Invoiced” field would be checked. Can anybody suggest why this might be? It’s possible that Automatic and Expected Costing were not enabled at the time some of these transactions were done, however some more recent transactions show the same problem so I do not think this is the issue. The number of unposted Purchase Invoices is very small so again we can rule this out. Why do I want to get rid of these transactions? because I want to use the Revaluation journal and Items that are “incomplete” cannot be revalued. Alastair

Hi ADB For output from production orders to be completely invoiced, the following conditions need to be met: 1 consumption associated with the production order has been posted 2 the production order status should be changed to finished 3 and the Adjust Cost - Item Entries batch job has been run. I can see 1 and 3 have been done - what about 2?

Dear Steven 2 has been done !! Any further ideas/ Alastair

Hi ADB I have just run a couple through and the completely invoiced flag remains unticked up until the point I run the adjust cost entries and post hte batch to GL - I presume you are running the second batch job as well? If you have recently turned on the automatic cost posting this may affect it I suppose, but theoretically it should all sort itself out in the batch posting wash. Unsure where to advise now - except to report it to your NSC and go through the channels. I see from partnerguide that this issue has been raised in several forms with various suggestions made - some of these could help theoretically, I suggest the search is started there depending upon your version.

Further to my previous reply I have noticed that where the “Completely Invoiced” field is unchecked then the field “Applied entry to adjust” is checked. Could this have any bearing on the matter? Alastair

It certainly will - it means one or more of the applied entries requires adjusting. As it is manufactured has every purchased part used had an invoice applied to it?

In Navision 3.01B, I also meet with the same issue as Alastair. I wonder if the item is blocked,will ACIE batch job be stopped by it.

Like Steven mentions, there is one more condition. The Consumption Entries will always pick from a Posted Purchase or Positive or Transfer Item Ledger entry. This entries to which the Consumption entries is applied must have been completely invoiced. Eg: A is made from B and C So A has a prod order 001 Consumption Journal for B and C are posted on 001 The Item B and C were purchased and this purchase is only received but has not been invoiced. then Yo ufinish the Order. and run the ACIE no change in the calculation all the entries remain unticked. When you post a purchase Invoice for the Purchase Order and then run the ACIE the system will invoice out the Output entry.