Consumption Backflushing

Trying to backflush a Production Order, the expected output was 100 units but only 99 were output journal posted and the order marked as finished. The components were set to backflush when the order status is changed from released to finished. 100 components have been reserved from stock, Navision will not backflush the components until the reserved quantity has been reduced to 99 by the user. Is this the way this is meant to work? If so the user may as well run the consumption journal for the actual output as this would take as long as maintaining the reservation quantities!. Anyone come across this? Version 4.0 SP1

Hi Damian As well as the questions posed in the other post; What reservation policies have you set? Are you manually setting the reservation? No I would not expect it to work this way, but I would expect it to backflush 99 not 100, but it does depend a lot on your setup. Any mods?

The reservation policy on the component items are set to always. My point is that if the user runs a consumption journal based on actual output the program does not present the error message

Hi Damian Sorry I am not clear on what you are saying. Are you saying when you run the consumption journal it is not giving you an error, but when you post it it gives you an error?

Sorry I forgot to mention that the Flushing Method field on the Production Order Component line is changed from Backward to Manual, the consumption journal can then be calculated based on actual and then posted. The Production Order Components still have the original reserved quantities. I will double check this.

Hi Damian I have no problem in 4.0. I have no access to SP1 where I am currently, but when I do I will check it. I have a simple BOM, both components set to always reserve and backflush. I load a production order and set the component flusdhing to manual, under produce the parent and close the production order with the components and output part finished. I get no isses with the reservation entries.