Consumption account in PO credit note in AX 2012?

Hi all,

In AX 2009 we setup Consumption account to post different amount between Item stock value and PO return value in PO credit note transaction.

However, in AX 2012 I don’t see Consumption account. So where is the account that system post different amount in PO credit note transaction?

Thanks for any feedback!

Any onebody can throw light about this ?

Accounting framework in AX 2012 is completely different in 2012 than in 2009 wrt purchase order accounting.

Following link should help you:


Hi Pranav,

Thanks for the reply. I could understood the Purchase accounting framework in AX 2012.

Can you elighte me about the Consumption account in AX 2012 and how it is replaced ?

Thanks in advance.


Why not post a PO return with a difference to the cost price and look at where it posts?