consumption account balance updation

i have closed inventory with value of Rs.30cr. But my consumption account balances in my chart of accounts are showing different figures.

so how can i adjust its balances so that i can take it in my final accounts. i have to make consumption based final accounts.

Does it is fine before closing the inventory?

You need to analyze your transactions. The posting will happen according to the configuration.

First figure out the root cause of the issue…

Hi Kranti,

Thanks for ur reply.

consumption account balances are not proper before posting because of wrong transaction posting done by user and

excessive use of inventory journals.

so i have closed inventory to match actual value with system value.

i used counting journal to match the quantity and then i closed the inventory.

by using on hand adjustment functionality in closng and adjustment form in T & L module,

i have matched the value of inventory and now my inventory value is matching with actual value.

but even though my consumption balances are not showing proper figure.

Check your transactions…


transaction volume is huge… its not possible to check at transaction level… is there any other way?

One of the reason could be the amount might got posted to another account rather the consumption account. If that is the case you can check the other ledger account balances and if any difference is found you need to manually pass a ledger entry.

If that is not the case, you have to look into your transactions. (at-least Randomly)