consume the Rawmaterials in Finished status

Hi folks,

Client created a production order .
while he posting the rawmaterial through production journal system throws some eeror.
that y he deleted the rawmaterials and posted the out put only.
(actually what he thinks he can post that rawmaterails later when the error solve)

But unfortunately he change the status from Released to finished with out posting the rawmaterials.

so the Finished goods cost was wrong.(rawmaterials did not consume)

Now my query is how to consume the rawmaterials against that production order in finidhed stage ?

How to correct that FG cost ?

Please share your experience.

You cannot consume additional raw materials against a finished production order, pure and simple. Search the forum this question has been asked many times, once finished the cost is removed from WIP and passed through to the inventory asset and COGS where appropriate.

Remove the goods through an inventory journal.

Revalue the finished goods through the revaluation journal.