Consume a AX WebService in a external application


I am trying to call and consume a AX WebService from an external application.

In AX (AX 2012 R2 cu7) everythings seems good, i can access the wsdl calling the url : http://wwwww/DynamicsAx/Services/InventoryOnHand

But when I create a new SOAP Project in SoapUi for example, nothing append, no error, but the 'Method" or the SOAP Action does not appear.

Someone call help me ?

The target is to display in real-time the stocks product in a homemade application (written in Qt)

Thanks in advance,


Can you try to add a reference to your service in Visual Studio?

Hello, and thanks a lot for your answer.

I’m sorry but we do not use Visual Studio.

Can you confirm that it’s possible to call this webservice from any kind of application using SOAP methods ?

Thanks again

“Any kind of application” can mean absolutely anything. I can’t speak for “any kind of application”. I also don’t know anything about your service and its configuration.

It’s normally no problem in SoapUI, but I can’t give you any suggestion if all what you know is “nothing append, no error, but the 'Method” or the SOAP Action does not appear". You’ll have to collect more data.

I think using an IDE such as Visual Studio could help you - it’s up to you whether you want this help or not.

Ok, I agree, my question was only to know if the Standard AX WebServices can be call outside AX.

Anyway after your answer I try using another application to consume the Webservice (with Stambia), and i finally have an answer.

So I think it’s only a SoapUi problem…

I will try whith this.

Thanks for your quick answer.