Consumables - Inventory Movements

We have transitioned our business to be using Inventory Picks/Put-aways/Movements

We have certain ‘bulk issued’ items that do not appear on BOMs and we just order when we are low on stock

Our store’s people are correctly moving this stock to SF and I would like them to continue to do this

Would it be possible to create a batch job that writes off all stock in a certain bin that has a specified product group code?

Yes, it is possible. But why do you need to write-off it (And what is SF)?

What version do you use?

SF - Our Shop Floor bin location

We write this stock off as it does not appear on any BOMs rather it is a generic product that can be used by anything (ie glue, gloves etc)

NAV2018 (and NAV 5.0 also if I remember correctly) has “Whse. Get Bin Content (7391)” report like a “strat point” for it