Consultant in Austria/Vienna or NÖ, OÖ for the AUER dynamics financial solution 2013

Dear Users/Consultant/All,

I need a good consultant in Austria (Vienna / Upper Austria would be the best location) for the AUER dynamics financial solution 2013. Do you know somebody?

Thank You very much!



Hi Marta,
Not sure what you’re looking for. A partner or a new employee or?
And what is AUER? This forum is for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Hello Erik,
AUER is a software solution for construction companies.
As a complement to that an ERP system was developed based on navision: Nemetschek AUER financials (with DocuWare and JobRouter solution). This is as I understood a special solution for construction copanies. Please see the link to more details about that software: . This solution belongs yet to the company Nemetschek.
I’m looking for an longterm external consultant - so partner company or freelancer placed in the near of Vienna.
I hope it is more clear yet,

Ahh, it’s a Dynamics NAV add-on product, as we call it.
We have some of our members in that area. [mention:cf1eb713755f46188d969b1ff42acf42:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] can you recommend any?

hello, i work for a company in the greater area of vienna. our company provides services in the dynamics nav area. maybe i/we can help you. please contact me via private message or mail. for that view my account. regards

@erik: thank you for mentioning me.