Consolidation Routine

We have a client who wish to use the consolidation routine, perfectly standard. However their query is;

How do we avoid consolidating the same entries twice? Is there anything on the business units entries which mark them as having been exported?

Any ideas/input would be most welcome.


I have mad a berief investigation - there does not seem to be an explicit control on the entries to be exported / imported.

They must manage this by a good process as I think the import will not work if the Posting Date for the imported entry is in an Accounting Period that is closed in the Consolidation company.

They could…

export from subsiduary/subsiduaries then import to group company. Complete all necessary processing in the group company, generate reporting then close that accounting period.

We’re a bit busy today so I suggest that you set up this scenario in a test database and see if my theory holds water.

Good luck.

Consolidation is redesigned in v4, but both -elder and current- didn’t control possibility of duplicate or missed entries good enough. You enter date ranges both in exporting/importing, but overlaps can occur. In importing, previously one couldn’t import elder transactions that already existing - but what to do with margin dates (morning transactions already there, late evening still not, but date is the same)? And postponed transactions entered later, but still in open periods?

For us it ended up with complete customizing of all consolidation process. Main idea - added field to G/L Entry table “Cons.exported” (Boolean).
As we were willing to transfer all entries one-to-one without any summarizing (as standart does) we could add several other fields for tracking purposes - in Consolidated Company we added Entry No from Subsidiary.