consolidation of 3 companies

Dear All, I actually don’t understand how the company consolidation works. What I have made as follows: company A (intercompany and holding company branch) company B (intercompany and holding company branch) company C (intercompany and holding company branch) company D (holding company) Company A-C in database m and company D in database n. The company A will sell an item x and made by company B and sub-assembly of item x made by company C. The finance and HRD are in the company D. I have set all things relate to intercompany and including chart of account of company branches and consolidated G/L acount in company D. The things that I don’t understand are how to consolidated the all companies’ transactions to holding company D. thank you for your attention. rgds, Mark

Mark, first I would suggest that you attend a course or get some other training for Navision. Your questions are regarding very low level Navision knowledge. Now to your question: The company consolidation only works properly as long as they are in the same database. Otherwise it would be database consolidation, not company consolidation.

I think Mark doesn’t have low navision knowledge. Thomas, you shouldn’t say that. Everyone here will be the same as Mark when they begin to learn navision. I am sure he is a consultant of navision manufacturing. I state that because he always ask about manufacturing related questions. For company consolidation of your case, use one database for all companies including holding company. Use consolidation in financial management → general ledger → periodic activity → consolidation. hopefully it is helpfull. rgds, Johnson Alonso