Consolidation error !


My problem is that when i try to run a “Consolidation, Online” I get this error message:

“The transactions on voucher 000002_028 do not balance as per 3/21/2009. (Company currency: 1,062.00 - secondary currency: 252.86)”.

So, any help would be great.


No one. Any ideea would be good. If it’s should be posted more details, please ask.

So look at the voucher - does it balance? if not how did it get into the system? Is it a journal being created as part of the consolidation, if so why is it not balancing or sinmply balance it.

No, it does not balance. I don’t understand to. I think I clearly have understand how to manage a consolidation process but somehow I miss something.

In a clearly way I creat a rule to eliminate transactions within one account(40101) I don’t have exchange rates (both companies are in the same country and use the same currency and secondary currency), the Charts of Accounts are identical so no problem with “Consolidations accounts”, but something is wrong.

The question is what is so wrong if in Contoso examples I get the same error (I use a demo server and try both cases: 1.creat my own 2 companies with intercompany transactions and other party transactions, and 2. examples in Contoso(CEU, CEE, CEC))

I would suggest you report this to your partner, if you are a partner, report it to MS.

You need to set up a systems account for posting type “balance account for consolidation differences”